Auto Lensmeter

Auto Lensmeter

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  • The ISO standard green LED measurement light, wavelength of 545nm, measurement of lens no need any number of setting abbe, make measurement mor rapid, stable and accurate.
  • The measurement of cluster area, So that access to data more accurate and reliable.
  • Accurately measure color lens with transmittance of 10%
  • Automatically identify the type of lens, and automatically switch measurement mode, more convenient measurement of multi-focal lens.
  • Mignont, stylish, elegant.

Accurately measuring the low-degree lens below +-0.12D

Measuring the colored lens with 10% transmittance

Displaying the PH value in screen

Measuring the progressive lens accurately and quickly

Optionally installing PD measuring instrument, UV measuring instrument and thermal printer

User friendly interface with easy operation; fast measurement, high accuracy and good repetition